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Buŋgul - Dr Gurrumul Yunupiŋu’s seminal album brought to life

[by Suzanne Robson]

Dr Gurrumul Yunupiŋu’s seminal album Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) will be brought to life at Hamer Hall in Buŋgul, a hypnotic live performance featuring Yolgnu dancers and songmen with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra from 14 -15 June 2023.

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Fullbright scholar to research First Nations water rights

[supplied by Sarah Green, UniSQ]

UniSQ Law Professor Simon Young is a First Nations law and policy specialist and will travel to the University of Wisconsin’s Global Legal Studies Center and Great Lakes Indigenous Law Center, to undertake a comparative examination.

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Former police officer who kicked handcuffed Indigenous teenager fails in mental health court bid

[Jamie McKinnell, ABC News]

Christopher Borg, 42, pleaded guilty in January to two counts of common assault over the incident, which took place during a surveillance operation in Western Sydney in September.

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Aboriginal leaders bail reform caution following bottle shop death

[Jack Hislop and Steve Vivian, ABC]

The Northern Territory's most prominent Aboriginal legal service has cautioned against "kneejerk" law reforms following the stabbing death of a young bottle shop worker, saying rushed changes would not reduce crime and would "disproportionately impact Aboriginal people".

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