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Aboriginal artist William Barak's work to go on display after auction acquisition

[Rachel Clayton and Mikaela Ortolan, ABC]

Wurundjeri elder Ron Jones was overcome with emotion as he saw two 126-year-old artworks on display at Melbourne's State Library. The 19th-century painting and traditional shield of Wurundjeri artist and leader William Barak were bought at a Sotheby's auction in New York last year for $600,000. 

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'This girl is trouble': How Marissa became the first Aboriginal woman to qualify for boxing at the Olympics

[Rachael Knowles, SBS]

Marissa Williamson Pohlman never expected to be a boxer, let alone an Olympian. She first picked up the gloves in 2019, as a young teenager in the foster care system who wandered into Collingwood Boxing Club - one of the oldest boxing gyms in the country.

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