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Voice to Parliament is Deceit by doublespeak

[by Michael 'Ghillar' Anderson]


Michael Ghillar Anderson. Image: FNT

Our people are so desperate to gain something from the colonial occupiers in right of the Crown that they believe the thief’s apparent good will towards us.

What has been imposed upon us since the 1967 referendum is a Native Title system where our people only gain a right to hunt fish and gather. Adding salt to the wound the native title recipients do not even get to have their names on the Title Deeds in the State or Territory Land Registry and then there is the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, who as former PM Paul Keating said in his second reading speech, an Act to provide Redress for Dispossession. Unfortunately, both of these Acts now work against us by establishing a Feudal Landlord system of governance under Commonwealth legislation. The Lands have NOT had any Economic value at all.

Now we are to face another referendum to recognise us and to give us a “Voice”. A Voice that I have no doubt, will be wallpaper dressing, with the Crowns Minister, administering Aboriginal Affairs as is the current case, where he/she having a right to determine the terms and conditions of its operations, who will be eligible to be APPOINTED and the topical issues that they will be restricted to. Take the time to look at the terms of the Indigenous Permanent Forum of the United Nations as a classic example.

I can assure our mob that the international community will see this charade as us approving this process. Warning: The legal definition of “Acquiescence” is The act or condition of acquiescing or give tacit assent; agreement or consent by silence or without objection; compliance (usually followed by to or in): acquiescence to his boss’s demands. In Law. Such as not taking legal action for such a long time implies the abandonment of your right(s).

What this government is doing with this proposal is to deceive us through a language that is called DOUBLESPEAK. The legal definition of which is a language used to “deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation”.

I return to my WARNING, if we fail to rattle the cage on this one then the way the Attorney Generals staff responded to Senator Lidia Thorpe’s Question; “Will this remove our sovereignty”, answer NO, is deceitful because while legally and technically they may be correct however, if this gets up without a loud opposition by our mob will be viewed by all that we are consenting to be governed by our occupiers.

There is a constitutional question here and we must examine our many ways that we can challenge the outcome if they get up in the “Yes” Vote.

We must appeal to all those new Australians who came here to escape authoritarian rule. Please understand, This is exactly what we are fighting. Typical of the British; Make it look good so that the public will support tyranny.


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