Toni Janke releases her new single Be The One

[by Toni Janke]


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Indigenous Singer/Songwriter, TONI JANKE has just released her long-awaited new single, Be the One. Toni is a Wuthathi and Meriam woman who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Toni begin singing and playing the guitar at a young age. She has written and recorded original albums on her own independent music label, Toni Janke Productions. She has won national awards for her music since releasing her first EP Hearts Speak Out in 1993 and has performed at many festivals and events across Australia. She released The Brink CD (2000) and Jewel of the North CD (2004).

“This single and the new album has been a long time coming but finally I’m so excited to be able to release Be the One. It’s a happy, positive, upbeat love song with a feel good message,” she said.

“Everyone can relate to this song. I really love sharing my passion for music. Music has the power to transform the world. It’s so uplifting and inspirational.” 

Toni is well-known in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and has worked in many areas in various roles in Indigenous affairs in a professional career spanning more than three decades. She has worked in government, community organisations, law, media, the arts and education. She currently works in the community sector and is also a coach and mentor. She graduated with a law degree in her early 20s and has also completed post-graduate studies in ministry and theology. Toni has her own YouTube channel and hosts her own podcast series.


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