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The Voice needs a new foundation

[by Wayne Connop]


Wayne Connop. Image: supplied

For the voice to work we need to learn from the mistakes of the past and implement new benchmarks and then create the new headworks with new measures.


We need to install the power, the water, and the sewerage before the foundation can be placed.

We will need to lay the foundations and follow it by digging out the footings, but before we pour the concrete, we need the steel and solid reinforcements, which could be the people from the grassroots.

We need dead policies and gammin plastic leaders to be removed from the scene before the concrete is poured. The pour needs special attention, so it is smooth and wrinkle-free of past policy failures.

We need the bricks and mortar of our mob 'on country': Elders, the youth and our most disadvantaged to build our foundations within that structure. We can talk of the past, but we must remember the present situation and look towards a new future.

The Voice needs solid walls to protect us and a metal cladding roof to protect us from the top-down approach of failed leaders who will doggedly try to get themselves back involved in black affairs.

Then we can decide the choices of what the cosmetics inside can be once the Voice is built from the bottom-up approach.

We will be our people’s Voice.

This is the typical grass root’s structure we need to capture for a Voice. If we have no structure and solid foundation, then having a Voice will not suffice under the myriad challenges it faces. We need a solid foundation of Voice to assist in reducing the pain and suffering that comes from poverty and ill-health of our people.

However, what we now see is a Voice that is focussing on the elite foundation's past and present circumstances that were far-fetched from reality as the wheels have fallen off the car and the nuts and bolts appear to be missing in action. Their Voice engine has become a reality nightmare and runs out of oil and water and the steam is about to blow. We must utilise the skills of the grassroot people to elevate and save our Voice vehicle.

What Indigenous people need and want is new blood and a new Voice model to refocus Indigenous affairs.


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