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First Nations Start-Up Provides Classroom Solution

[by Rebecca Clark]


ClassHive students interacting with Platform. Image: supplied

Following a highly successful soft launch in April, Australian EduTech platform ClassHive is available today to Primary Schools nationwide, with a focus on reducing unnecessary classroom administration in line with government targets. Early data indicates strong platform adoption and even stronger feedback from the community. 


Today’s classrooms are evolving fast, and while the benefits of new tools and technology are undeniable, today’s teachers are feeling the pressure of additional administration tasks. 


“Admin related to using online resources is a key barrier to adopting digital tools. While governments and industry are aware of the need to reduce teacher workload, products that address this problem have been notably absent. Having witnessed this issue first-hand through Wingaru Education, we recognised the need for a solution. This is why we created ClassHive.” commented Lesley Woodhouse, ClassHive CEO and Co-Founder 


In the first few months, ClassHive has already gained considerable credibility with the teaching community for offering a digital resource management tool that is significantly reducing teacher admin, workloads and frustration. ‘Teacher workloads are overwhelming, and any new tools need to focus on reducing net teacher workload, and ClassHive does just that. The potential time saved is huge. When you think about all the minutes and hours spent coordinating digital resources, it is worth investing in tools that give that time back. ClassHive is a massive time saver.’ Ben Grozier, CEO of industry leader ClassCover. 


Data Indicates 

  • ~10,000 fast and secure log-ins per school day (Data: ClassHive)

  • Over 1,200 digital education resources can be accessed via the platform (Data: ClassHive)

  • Third-party digital tools, resources and EduTech providers have experienced an increase in usage of up to 30% (Wingaru Education)

  • Teachers have noted experiencing, on average, a 13%* reduction in classroom admin, per month, since using ClassHive (Teacher Case studies)


This data highlights that using ClassHive alone can significantly contribute to the targeted 20% reduction in time spent on low-value administrative tasks, as set by the NSW Minister for Education under the Quality Time Program.


From simple resource logins to fully outsourced digital tool management, ClassHive dramatically reduces teacher admin, and is already proving to be an industry game-changer. Trusted by early adopter schools across Australia, ClassHive provides a safe and secure online learning environment for students, teachers, and schools. The platform is now available to primary schools nationwide. // @ClassHive


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