Dave Arden releases new single Kokatha/Gunditijmara Clan

by Cat Swinton

Image: supplied

On Australia Day January 26, 2020, gifted song man and storyteller Dave Arden releases a new single Kokatha/Gunditijmara Clan from his upcoming third album Red Desert Man.


Kokatha/Gunditijmara Clan highlights the struggles of the stolen generation who feel a disconnection to their heritage.


It is Dave’s personal desire to understand his roots and reconnect, identifying the loss of belonging he and his people have felt.


For Dave it’s all about family, community, culture, custom, lingo and tribal life and Kokatha/Guditijmara Clan tells a tale of generations of hope, joy and the struggle of tribal and urban life.


Dave’s forefathers hailed from Kokatha on the west coast of the Ceduna desert country and these influences have etched his path.


Dave’s thirty six years in music have seen him work with many of the great Indigenous and non-Indigenous acts from Australia and around the world as a guitarist, vocalist and in roles as musical director and producer.


He has performed with Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Tiddas, Hard Time Band, Bart Willoughby, Mixed Relations, Shane Howard, Paul Kelly, Not Drowning Waving and Hunters and Collectors.


"His use of dynamics is simply brilliant. I believe he is one of the finest vocalists and songwriters in this country and one of the finest guitarists you will ever hear.”- Archie Roach


Kokatha/Gunditijmara Clan is available on all digital platforms from January 26, 2020.



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