Australian Blues with Buddy Knox – Ticket to Memphis

by Cat Swinton

Image: supplied

Buddy Knox has been working on his latest album, Ticket To Memphis for the past five years. However, his guitar skills have been carving up the Blues scene around Australia since 2007, having notched his Blues-belt with all the big ticket Australian festivals from Bridgetown to Bluesfest.


Ticket To Memphis weaves the unique Buddy Knox story into its songs - It’s powerful music, bluesy and genuine.


Buddy has won the “Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year” TWICE, and continues to share his old school Blues style with fans. He plays with smooth finesse, in the tasty authentic style of the old legends. Armed with his signature 335 Gibson, his devotion to the art form is undeniable.


He’s been referred to as Australia’s very own BB King, but expect a dash of Freddie King guitar in his styling. Buddy’s recent move to acoustic Blues gives fans the intimate experience of bare bones genuine Blues...Knox style.


Buddy is the eldest son of country artist Roger Knox, who grew up immersed in music as a way of life. The influence of music in his Community was a huge everyday event, someone always played guitar, or sang and people gathered to enjoy.


Buddy said he was “a dreamer” who yearned to play like Chuck Berry. Chuck was on the home record player a lot and Buddy thought, “If only I could just play like that”.


He was taught three chords by his Mother Vivian, when he was 10, and practised on a community guitar which was missing two strings. He learned by watching and listening to other players and never had lessons.


Around the time he was 14, his Father asked him to play for him in his Band “Euraba”. Roger had been recuperating after surviving two plane crashes where one band member was sadly killed in one of the plane wrecks.


“He didn’t have to ask me twice,” said Buddy.


He jumped at the chance and started touring with the Euraba band. He experienced riots with community and police clashes, bomb threats and fairly tough touring conditions, but loved it - playing was all he wanted to do.


As his guitar skills continued to develop, he was invited on tour with Brian Young. Brian was a travelling troubadour who toured with a Band around the outback and desert regions of Australia covering around 35000 klms per tour.


Buddy has continued to play with other incredible artists; Auriel Andrew, Bobby McLeod, Jimmy Little, Vic Simms and he was even called up by Warumpi to play guitar on their gigs at the Big Day Out, as well as other concerts.


Ticket To Memphis is the culmination of Buddy’s life experiences, with original songs (Track-by-track commentary attached) that see Buddy write alongside collaborators Gareth Hudson and Nick Higginbotham.


Perhaps his proudest collaboration though, is having his three children playing and singing on some album tracks. With songs tackling the complete spectrum of life on the road, family, love (won, lost & fought back), regret and above all, celebration - Ticket To Memphis and Buddy Knox will reignite your belief in the power of story, song and smoking

hot guitar playing!


Watch video below.


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