Real-world creative design opportunities attract youth of Cairns

[by Carli Willis]


Janice Ghee and Kayden Bosun. Image: supplied

Year 12 IndigeDesign Labs participants Janice Ghee and Kayden Bosun assisted in the creation of the ‘Deadly Digits’ brand-mark design, guided by Leigh Harris, long standing Creative Director of Indigenous digital design agency, ingeous studios.


Based in Cairns, the Indigenous design learning lab, IndigeDesign Labs, was founded through a partnership between ingeous studios and NorthSite Contemporary Arts. It is a program that explores experimental art and design through the confluence of art, design, technology and culture while providing participants with skills to grow into the creative and digital design industries.


With seed funding generously provided by the philanthropic body John T Reid Trusts, IndigeDesign Labs have operated weekly throughout 2020 to mentor ten young people. Learning everything from graphic design, digital content creation, technology, photography, videography, augmented reality and UI/UX design. 


Since inception six months ago, IndigeDesign Labs has attracted significant in-kind support from NorthSite Contemporary Arts and Bulmba-ja Arts Centre.


Contractual donations of more than $25,000 from ingeous studios have created real-world engagements and practical digital design skills and opportunities. Participants build confidence while also demonstrating the project’s sustainability, and viability as an Indigenous-led social venture into the future. 


“It’s a digital world and I want to experience incorporating cultural design in modern technology and gain more experiences in digital design. This program has provided everyone with great new experiences, and I’m really thinking about it as a career now,” said Janice Ghee.


Deadly Digits aims to harness the explosion in Indigenous businesses in Queensland with its comprehensive online accounting software.


At their fingertips, simplified in a mobile app, Deadly Digits users have a one-stop-shop to manage their money and help them grow their business.


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