Pilbara Aboriginal leaders aim to lead the recovery

[supplied by YMAC]

Danny Brown. Image: supplied

Amid the uncertainty and concerns being raised relating to the unfolding COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, a group of proactive Pilbara Aboriginal leaders have helped to establish an emergency response working group: RECOV19ER.


This group involves a large number of local Aboriginal organisations, including several Prescribed Bodies Corporate, as well a number of government agencies and other service providers, meeting daily via teleconference to ensure accurate and current information is being shared, and that a coordinated approach is being undertaken in response to community needs.


Current priorities of the working group are focussed on communicating correct, clear and concise messaging to the Pilbara Aboriginal community, especially those living in remote communities, and securing / confirming stores of essential supplies. Food security and access to health/medical/hygiene provisions are a priority. As a further consequence of this work, a website was launched over the weekend – www.recov19er.com.au.


It is intended as a resource for not only the Pilbara community, but others in WA being affected by the ongoing and frequent changes impacting regional and remote areas.


Useful information, including government media releases and other community resources, will be updated on the website as it is released and/or provided to the working group.


YMAC CEO, Simon Hawkins recognised, “The current initiative being taken, the level of collaboration and mobilisation being demonstrated, is inspiring. The Pilbara Aboriginal leaders, organisations and agencies who are involved in these efforts must be commended for their fortitude and pragmatic response in the challenging time we are facing. YMAC is proud to be a part of such an impressive group and offer its support to this important work."


“At a time like this, it is so important that we work together in the best interests of all our communities. It has been really inspiring to be a part of such a strong commitment to collaboration, between the community, our Aboriginal organisations, government and other related stakeholders. It is impressive the way we have united, and so quickly, to make sure our communities are being looked after,” said Pilbara Aboriginal Voice Co-Chair and Nyamal Aboriginal Corporation Director, Danny Brown.


Fellow Nyamal Aboriginal Corporation Director, Gavin Mitchell, reflected, “This initiative has grown more quickly than we could have ever imagined, we have been working to ensure we are listening to all of our communities needs at this critical time to allow us to continue to provide information through to those assisting with this health emergency. We thank you all for your input so far and if you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us.”



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