Online launch for Visual Dreaming wellbeing app  

[by Bruce Andrews]


(left to right): Ms Emmie Easther, Ms Leanne Sanders, Ms Shanae Pope. Image: supplied

A Charles Sturt University Innovation Hubs alumna will soon launch a new app that aims to tackle the lonely journey of mental health by creating a movement where people can connect and care for each other as one.

The app, Visual Dreaming, will be launched by its creator Ms Leanne Sanders (pictured, centre) online on Friday 18 September.

Ms Sanders is the founder of Visual Dreaming, a First Nations female-led tech company creating a digital solution based on the oldest living culture in the world to enhance well-being through storytelling.

Ms Sanders completed the Charles Sturt University Innovations Hub Ready To Launch program in 2019, which she said helped facilitate the development of her app idea into a much-needed tech product that aims to reduce the health gap for the Indigenous people of Australia.

The Visual Dreaming launch will be hosted by Professor Stan Grant Jnr, an acclaimed journalist and the Charles Sturt University Vice-Chancellor’s Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging.

Ms Sanders said, “I believe if you have a goal and someone believes in you, anything is possible.

“My dream started with a vision board in my room to make impact on the world with an app, then it amplified with Professor Stan Grant Jnr launching the app on my vision board in our office.”  

Manager of the Charles Sturt Innovation Hubs, Ms Annette Davies, said, “As a Charles Sturt University Innovations Hubs alumna and student, we’ve seen Leanne develop an extraordinary idea into a fully-fledged start-up that will connect Indigenous youth to enable them to reach their goals.

“It has been a real privilege to walk alongside Leanne as she’s brought her innovation to life and we’re so excited to see her future unfold.

“The launch event will be a great milestone in her journey as a founder.”

The Visual Dreaming app online launch is at 4pm to 5.30pm on Friday 18 September; register for this free event.

See the Visual Dreaming Facebook Page.

Join the waiting list for the next Ready To Launch program.

The Charles Sturt University AgriTech Incubator funding is provided under the Jobs for NSW Local Innovation Network scheme, the Boosting Business Innovation Program, and co-investment from Charles Sturt University.



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