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NLC welcomes Aboriginal lawyer Shekira Cardona

[by Leah McLennan]


Shekira Cardona with NLC team. Image: supplied

The Northern Land Council welcomes the admission of Shekira Cardona to the roll of legal practitioners of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.


Ms Cardona, a proud Barrungum, Bardi and Kungarakan woman, was admitted as a legal practitioner on 1 March 2022, and has now transitioned from Law Graduate to Lawyer in the NLC’s legal team.


Having witnessed the socio-economic disadvantage of her people and the low number of First Nations lawyers, Ms Cardona decided to pave the first path in her family into the legal profession.


Ms Cardona’s determination and strong work ethic allowed her to juggle full-time work, three Melbourne lockdowns and a stint in Howard Springs to eventually graduate from her Law degree with Honours in December 2020.


She quickly impressed the NLC’s Principal Legal Officer after beginning as a Law Graduate in March 2021. By the end of the year she was awarded the prestigious accolade of NLC Young Lawyer of the Year despite not yet being an admitted legal practitioner.


Ms Cardona also completed a Bachelor of Business with Distinction in 2017. She attributes her achievements to the support she received from her colleagues and family, including her mother, father, brothers, grandparents and ancestors.


“While it feels like a long time coming, I’m so proud to have achieved my goal of becoming a lawyer to represent my people, and to contribute to upholding social justice and the rights of minority peoples within the legal system,” said Ms Cardona.


NLC CEO Joe Martin-Jard said Ms Cardona’s admission as a legal practitioner will have widespread impact on the lives of the NLC’s constituents who will directly receive her legal support, and on other Indigenous people considering entering the legal profession.

“The NLC encourages all Indigenous people who are considering undertaking studies in the legal system to look to Ms Cardona as an example of how they can create positive change for their families and wider communities,” said Mr Martin-Jard.


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