NLC strict travel restrictions for communities

[by Leah McLennan]

Image: supplied

The Commonwealth government announced that from midnight  Thursday 26 March 2020, anyone wanting to enter ‘designated areas’ in the Northern Territory will need to self-isolate for 14 days before they can enter that designated area.


The Northern Land Council – along with the other NT Land Councils – has worked closely with both the Commonwealth and NT governments in developing proper responses to the Coronavirus pandemic.


NLC staff have worked tirelessly in recent weeks to keep the 83 NLC Full Council members informed so that they can keep their respective communities informed.


The NLC will continue to ensure that essential services are maintained and do our best to maintain our services to remote communities and outstations, and to service providers.


NLC CEO Marion Scrymgour said, “The key principle guiding all the work the NLC has been doing since this virus outbreak, is that we must keep our mob safe. We’ve had that thought front of mind with every negotiation we’ve had with governments, both Commonwealth and NT.


“Our message to our mob in the Top End is that the safest place for us is out bush and at home. If you live out bush, stay there.


“In recent weeks we’ve been hearing a lot of hard stories from people out bush. We know that it is really hard and might get harder in the coming months. We have to stick together and get through this. So stay on country and care for family,” said Ms Scrymgour.


NLC Chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi said, “It is really important to understand that this Coronavirus isn’t just affecting our mob in the Top End but everyone across the NT and the rest of Australia.


“It’s tough times for us all, not just out bush, not just in town, but across the whole country. We’ve all got to look after each other, we’re all in this together,” said Mr Bush-Blanasi.


In the coming days the NLC will release a series of videos in the Aboriginal languages spoken in the NLC area. They will provide more information about Coronavirus for our mob.


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