New Curator and Head of Indigenous Programs at AGWA

[by Tanya Sticca]


Clothilde Bullen. Image: Jamie James.

Clothilde Bullen brings a new era into Western Australia’s premier arts institution, leading the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s reframing and communication of historical and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and cultures, in line with global First Nations narratives and Indigenous led-change. Clothilde will embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and practices within AGWA that will lead to meaningful engagement and the revitalisation of programming and collaborations.

Joining AGWA's executive team, Bullen will strengthen AGWA's connections to Aboriginal communities, shaping links between their creative and cultural practice and the Gallery. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders, Bullen will initiate significant projects forged under the framework of best practice, embedded within Indigenous protocols and ways of thinking.

AGWA Director Colin Walker said, "We're delighted to welcome Clothilde to AGWA as we move forward with our strategic plan and establish our goals to support and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art."

"With the State Government's commitment to a new Aboriginal Cultural Centre, a new film studio development, regional exhibitions, and a revitalised Perth Cultural Centre, Bullen will have an integral role in identifying the stories and artistic capacity that contribute to the development of each project, as well as AGWA initiatives, ensuring that our cultural venues are places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, not only their art."

Bullen commences at AGWA on 20 September 2021. She will be supported by an Associate Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, yet to be announced.


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