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Student residence named in honour of Kev Carmody

[supplied by Pam Frost]


Kev Carmody. Image: supplied

UQ’s new student residential building, named in honour of Kev Carmody, offers independent living for an additional 610 students at St Lucia campus.


“Kev Carmody House is a new purpose-built facility that is providing independent living for students and complements the rich history and offerings of 10 residential colleges on our St Lucia campus,” UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deborah Terry said.


“It has been designed to be as affordable as possible, and there is a strong focus on the wellbeing of students and providing a vibrant community.”


The opening of a new student residential building is the first of many steps UQ is taking to increase the participation of domestic undergraduate students from low socio-economic, remote or regional backgrounds. UQ also wants to help remove the barriers that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students face accessing university.


“Helping talented young Queenslanders to pursue their passion of a university education, regardless of their background, location or financial circumstances, is a key priority for us,” Professor Terry said.


The building was named after UQ alum and Australian First Nations singer and songwriter Kev Carmody to pay tribute to his remarkable life, contributions to UQ and passion for access to education.


In another first for the University, Kev Carmody House is also the first building at UQ to be named after an Indigenous person.


There is also a new scholarship named in his honour – the Kev Carmody Scholarship – that will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are experiencing financial hardship or are in need of residential accommodation support.


Kev completed his postgraduate study in education in 1981.


“Kev’s beliefs that learning and education can be an empowerment and strength for cultural identity through oral history is something we all embrace,” Professor Terry said.


“We are thrilled to have named the new student residence building, and this new scholarship, to honour Kev’s contributions to UQ – its teaching, students and broader community.”


Kev said it was a privilege to have the new building named after him.


“This building is a place where we celebrate what unites us as a human society, and as a family – building on ideas of respect, culture and education,” he said.


“My journey to formal education started a little later than most. I didn’t learn to read and write until I was 10, but once I started to dive deep into the written and spoken word through music – including during my studies at UQ – the world took on a new meaning for me.


“I hope my story can help inspire students at UQ to follow their passions, to embrace and respect each other and to express their imagination in its fullest capacity.”


There are currently 17 scholarships that help students cover accommodation costs at Kev Carmody House.


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