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Ngaluk Waangkiny Elders (left to right) Aunty Muriel Bowie, Aunty Margaret Culbong, Aunty Doolann Leisha Eatts, Uncle Albert McNamara, Uncle Noel Nannup, Uncle Ben Taylor, Aunty Irene McNamara, Aunty Theresa Walley, Uncle Farley Garlett, Uncle Walter Eatts. Image created using stills taken by Hugh Sando (courtesy of ABC Perth).

From Boorloo to the Bronx

[by Michelle White]

Community Arts Network is excited to announce that our film Ngaluk Waangkiny - Us Talking has won Best Short Documentary at the Bronx Social Justice Matters International Film Festival in New York City.

The Festival received films from as far away as China, Portugal, and Australia as well as 25 different US states. They touch on issues ranging from incarceration, to failing health care systems, and the demonization of immigrants.

“The Elders told their stories, which were at times traumatic, because they wanted to share Australia's hidden histories with the world. It’s not just truth-telling, it’s about listening, learning and owning our destructive past, so we can all move forward.“ said Ngaluk Waangkiny Executive Producer Michelle White.

Ngaluk Waangkiny follows the journey of ten courageous Aboriginal Elders living on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja as they fight for respect, recognition and acknowledgement from the City of Perth.

Once banned from the city streets, these Elders now have a seat at the Council table and are making decisions that are quite literally changing the face of Boorloo - Perth.

Co-written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Poppy van Oorde-Grainger and acclaimed Noongar artist Ian Moopa Wilkes, this short film is rich with archival vision, personal histories and moments of profound change.

Ngaluk Waangkiny was also selected for screening at the 2022 ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada and it will be featured in the Canberra Short Film Festival, First Nation’s showcase, on November 17.

Video below.


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