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First of it's kind wellbeing program

[by Yolanda Finette]


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As Aboriginal people, one of the ways that we heal is through the sharing of stories and before we go forwards we must always go back. Through sharing, and listening we create a reciprocal container of nurturing and respect, no one is the expert - instead we work and create together.

I wouldn't be here today without the strength of the lineage that comes before me. I deeply honour the depth of courage, strength, survival that contributed to making me who I am and their stories embody who I am in my own body.

I am the granddaughter of Merle Robertha Jackomos nee Morgan born on Cummeragunja Mission, I am the great grand- daughter of Asimina Augustus - Born in Castellorizzo, Greece, in 1922 and I am the grand-daughter of Ruth Walker, born in Grand Chain Illinois in 1912. As a collective while I carry the impacts of colonisation, war, and slavery, I also embody powerful ancient lineages.

I was epigenetically drawn to play out certain patterns in my life and as a result of unconscious loyalties was led down many challenging pathways. My journey taught me that while challenging and painful each was a lesson, strategically placed for my growth and my evolution, there were no mistakes. I learned in my journey that deeply honouring myself, meant honouring my ancestors and their stories as they are held within me. 

Through my healing, I am guided by the courage, strength and resilience of my matriarchal lineage. I learned to release what was no longer mine to carry. I am their survival and I have consciously chosen to end any toxic family patterns with me. In my upcoming Honouring YOU Immersion, we look at the important role that our ancestors play in our healing journey and how we can heal ancestral patterns while drawing on ancestral strengths. It would be an honour to support you.'  


Nanna Nangala Fejo, named in the National Apology to the Stolen Generations, dies aged 91


Nanna Nangala Fejo, whose story was central to former prime minister Kevin Rudd's 2008 National Apology speech to the Stolen Generations, has died aged 91

New East Coast Tribal League uniting Indigenous nations, communities on NSW Mid North Coast

[Nick Parmeter, ABC]

The new competition comes after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the annual Koori Knockout, an October long-weekend festival of footy at which friends and family could reconnect through culture, community and country.

New CEO for Aurukun Shire Council

[by Liz Inglis]

Aurukun Mayor Keri Tamwoy has welcomed Ilario Sabatino to the role of Chief Executive Officer at Aurukun Shire Council.

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