First Nations artist step in to support #vaxthenation campaign

[by Cooper-Lily Nikora]


Image: supplied

Significant members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music industry and community have stepped up in support of national COVID-19 vaccine campaign titled #VAXTHENATION.  
Today, the Live Industry + Venues Entertainment Alliance (LIVE) (full list below) is launching #VAXTHENATION campaign with the support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians and industry. No more online performances – it’s time for real life!
Over 400+ of the country’s biggest artists and performers have joined forces with leading tour promoters, festivals, venues, ticketing agencies, record labels, streaming platforms, industry associations, community groups and more to launch #VAXTHENATION – a new campaign asking the country to help ‘stop the interruptions’ and get vaccinated. Especially when it comes to protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities! 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians Archie Roach, Troy Cassar-Daley, Vika & Linda Bull, Briggs, A.B. Original, Sycco, Emma Donovan, Alice Skye, J-MILLA and many more, will be part of a prestigious list alongside many of the country’s finest bands and solo artists (full list of artist supporters below). The vaccine rollout is ramping up across the nation and today, the country’s $36.4 billion* live entertainment industry and community is speaking out. 
“It’s like boxing – a few well-placed jabs can keep your opponent at bay – so let's get the jab to fight COVID-19 so we can get back to what we love doing.” – Archie Roach 
A community service TV campaign (link here) has been created to spread the message as far as possible and contains imagery from the NIMAs, Garma and concerts including 2021 NIMA nominee for “Best New Talent” J-MILLA whose song 60K+ scores the TVC for the First Nations landscape.
#VAXTHENATION aims to remind EVERYONE of the magic of live music, sharing space with friends and family, and protecting the community. These lands are connected by a rich cultural fabric that connects us all - songlines dating back 60,000+ years. 
LIVE Alliance spokesperson says vaccinations are not only important for overall public health but an essential step in stopping the ongoing and devastating effect on our communities.  
“‘The impact of the pandemic on Australia’s world-leading music, theatre, comedy and live entertainment industries has been truly staggering. Getting vaccinated is an important step which every citizen can take, one which will help us all be able to be back together once again, enjoying our many incredible artists live on stage.”
Every jab makes a difference, and everyone can play their part. Let’s get our music community back on the road so all the deadly artists in the country can get back onstage doing what they love and keeping the community strong. 
Head to the #VAXTHENATION website for further details and information on where to get your jab: vaxthenation.com.au.


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