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Dylan Mooney releases new NFTS On Culture Vault

[by Kate Aitkenson]


Image: supplied

Dylan Mooney is a proud Yuwi, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander man from Mackay in North Queensland working across painting, printmaking, digital illustration and drawing.

Influenced by history, culture and family, Mooney responds to community stories, current affairs and social media. Armed with a rich cultural upbringing, he translates the knowledge and stories passed down to him, through art. Legally blind, the digital medium’s backlit display allows the artist to produce a high-impact illustrative style with bright, saturated colour that reflects his experiences with keen political energy and insight.

Dylan's works depict Australian plants and their emotional and intellectual connection, leaning into the sacred relationship Ingigenous people have with these species. First nations people used plants for a range of purposes, surviving and thriving on them, using them to manage the surrounding environment and landscapes.

Some of the plants utilised for the works are detailed in the plant glossary.

Wattle is valued by Koori people as a source of food, medicine and for the quality of its timber, used in the production of a range of objects.

Grevillea & Bottlebrush were used for their sweet nectar. This could be shaken onto the hand to enjoy, or into a coolamon with a little water to make a sweet drink. They were the original bush lollies. 

Waratah was used for medicinal purposes, Placing the flowers into a bowl of water, so that the nectar be soaked out, the flower water is then drunk for pleasure, for its strengthening effect and for curing illnesses in young ones and elders.


The Culture Vault platform ( is purpose-built to bridge the gap between the traditional art world and the crypto-community consists of a curated platform and creative agency, offering a one-stop-shop for both first-time NFT-buyers and seasoned digital art collectors to acquire a curated selection of premium NFTs by some of the world’s leading artists. 


The release of Dylan Mooney's NFTS from Culture Vault comes in advance of the platform’s “The Future Is Phygital” exhibition that will be free to the public from 18 until 20 March 2022 at Verona Studios, 17 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney from 10am-5pm. 


St Kilda strengthens its Indigenous connections

[Dylan Carmody,]

As St Kilda heads into the 2022 AFL season, its connection to the Indigenous community has never been stronger. Four of the club’s most recent draftees are Indigenous, seeing the Saints with a record eight Indigenous players on its current list.

Ash Barty takes AO trophy to Uluru

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When you actually go to Uluru for the first time like I did, it was just an incredible experience for me to understand how much of a spiritual connection Uluru has for so many communities.

Trailblazers receive CQUniversity Alumni Awards

[by Mary Bolling]

Dr Marjad Page is Senior Medical Officer at Kambu Health in Ipswich, and was previously the Chief Medical Officer with Gidgee Healing health services in Mt Isa, and the first traditional owner to practice medicine on Kalkadoon lands.

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