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Cairns Indigenous Art Fair seeks models for return fashion performance

[by Pip Miller]


Image: supplied

With CIAF’s highly anticipated return just three months away the curatorial team has issued a call out for models to participate in this year’s Masters of Country themed fashion performance that will be presented on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July at Tanks Arts Centre.


Seasoned fashion designer and first-time fashion performance curator, Lynelle Flinders said this year’s cohort of models will be a mix of experienced Indigenous performers and newcomers.


“It is important that we secure a group of more experienced models that will lead the way and mentor first timers into what is destined to be a truly exciting and special performance,” Ms Flinders said.


Including both 2020 and 2021 online iterations, one of Far North Queensland’s favourite Indigenous models and mentor Benita Williams has participated in almost every CIAF fashion performance since 2015.


“My experience with CIAF has been a real journey since my first fashion performance.  Since then, I have met so many people within the modelling industry.  It has been an amazing journey watching the event and audience grow. 


“CIAF is a great way to get into modelling and could easily lead you to other careers whether it is art, fashion and / or performance.  Once you’re in we become like family, working together as one to create something so meaningful to our culture and who we are and where we come from.  I love seeing new faces stepping in to have a go, it’s an awesome experience and I’d recommend it to anyone with or without experience.  I’m so excited to see what is created this year,” Ms Williams said.


Interested models and performances have until Friday 6 May 2022 to complete an expression of interest online via the CIAF website, Or, Click here.


Emails reveal government was warned about missile found in Aboriginal heritage area

[Steven Trask, SBS]

SBS News has seen emails between Saab and the Department of Defence about an unexploded missile found in an Aboriginal heritage area that also question whether the department breached its own policy by taking so long to remove it.

The workforce in the child protection system needs urgent reform

[University of Western Australia]

The crisis in child welfare in Australia has, for too long, resulted in too many children taken into care, with many not receiving the timely assistance and care they and their families need.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Virtual Co-Design Workshop

[by Jane Mitchell]

Ngalia Traditional Owner and National Native Title Council Chairman Kado Muir joined the conversation highlighting the partnership between the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, formed to modernise cultural heritage protection laws at the federal level.

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