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Blak Excellence: Aboriginal and Islander Sports Hall of Fame display

[supplied by AIATSIS]


Image: supplied

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies is proud to announce the installation of a new public exhibition celebrating Aboriginal and Islander excellence in sport.  

“Our story as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander peoples is the story of strength, resilience, and achievement. I am excited to see this story being shared through the AIATSIS Collection as a tribute not only to individual achievements but also to celebrate the continued legacy and excellence accomplished by our First Nations peoples,” Craig Ritchie, CEO, of AIATSIS.  

Building on a collection of photographs donated to AIATSIS from the Aboriginal and Islander Sports Hall of Fame and previously highlighted in Aboriginal Studies Press Publication Black Pearls, the exhibition showcases a number of Aboriginal and Islander icons and sporting-related ephemera from across the sporting fields.  

The exhibition will run from 11th April to 30th June 2023 at Maraga, Canberra. 


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