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Ben & Jerry’s gives away FREE ice cream pints for a signature

[by Georgia Hopkins]


Image: supplied

Ben & Jerry’s has joined forces with Our Islands Our Home to launch a NEW limited-edition non-dairy flavour, This Is Our Whirled, in solidarity with Torres Strait Islanders who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

 This Is Our Whirled is a special joint collaboration between Our Islands Our Home and Ben & Jerry’s - using the release as a platform to drive solidarity and awareness throughout Australia as art, activism and ice cream intersect. Featuring the rallying cry, “The Oceans Are Rising. So Must We”, the powerful pint design features the artwork of proud Torres Strait Islander and art activist, Dylan Mooney. The art celebrates the resilient spirit of Torres Strait Islanders who are leading the way in the fight for climate justice as they campaign to protect their Island homes from the impacts of climate change.

 Our Islands Our Home, a campaign spearheaded by Traditional Owners of the Torres Strait, is urging the new Federal government to take stronger climate action. As part of this campaign, in September 2022, eight Torres Strait Islanders won a historic international legal case, with the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruling that the Australian Government violated Torres Strait Islanders' human rights by failing to act on climate change.

Ben & Jerry’s are calling on all Australians to sign the petition which calls for stronger climate action and climate justice for Torres Strait Islanders facing impacts of the climate crisis.

Daniel Billy, Warraberalgal Traditional Owner from Kulkalgal Nation in the Central Torres Strait says: “Torres Strait Islanders are experiencing worsening impacts of the climate crisis as king tides threaten homes, food crops and wash away sacred burial sites. Action from our leaders is needed urgently so Traditional Owners of the Torres Strait can remain on their islands.”

Steph Curley, Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry’s Australia, comments: “The Torres Strait 8 have shown the world what climate leadership looks like. We’re calling on our icecream community and the wider Australian public to take action and sign the petition in support of this powerful Torres Strait Islander led campaign. We are in a climate crisis that is impacting communities on the frontlines - never has there been a more crucial time for ambitious and strong climate action”.

A portion of profits from the sale of every pint of This Is Our Whirled limited-edition flavour go directly to Our Islands Our Home, to support Torres Strait Islanders continued campaigning for climate justice.

To help drive signatures, Ben & Jerry’s is calling on ice cream enthusiasts to take action in store to receive a free pint of the new flavour! Head to participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops Australia-wide on Friday 14th October between 5pm and 9pm to receive a free pint of This Is Our Whirled limited-edition flavour in return for your signature on the petition. Simply go to the petition on the Ben & Jerry’s Website, enter your details, take a screenshot that shows to us you have signed, and present it at the scoop shop counter to redeem a free tub*.

Ben & Jerry’s This Is Our Whirled limited-edition flavour, is a non-dairy, vegan dessert, made with sunflower butter and packed with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirls and is available exclusively at Woolworths, Metcash and B&Js scoop stores in Australia.

*While stocks last, limit 1 per customer.


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