A move to Melbourne for AFL SportsReady traineeship

[by Dakota McCarthy]


Dakota McCarthy. Image: supplied

My names Dakota, I am a Proud Worimi and Biripi woman of the Mid-North Coast Regions in NSW. This is a blog I’m sharing with you about my traineeship journey. I hope it inspires some of you to learn about this pathway and to take the first step.

Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to let go… Let go of who you were, what you thought you knew and how it was all going to unfold. Close the door to it and be in full darkness. It is in times like these that make it clearer moving forward to a new light. One that will synchronize with your energy, your goals, your dreams.

I wrote this around the time things were just beginning to look up for me. 2020 showed me a lot of lessons, I realised only you can focus on what or where you want to go. Made me grow up pretty quickly, but I was determined to change the storyline of my song. I prayed for better, dreamt of my future and put in the effort to make change.


I applied for jobs months before that fell through, then a visit from my cousin happened. She said to me ‘I’ve got a room, move down’.


Before I had even told her the answer of what she said I jumped on my computer and got straight into looking for jobs. I wanted something in the creative space and typed in AFL SportsReady as this was the company I had seen the prior jobs for. I came across a job posted in the Head Office. Amazing, I thought. I jumped straight into getting my resume together and sending it off.


From there it was more of a waiting game, didn’t take long though! They were in contact and organized an interview. This turned out so much better than I thought, a house with my cousin, possibly a job close to where I could be living, seems like it’s too good to be true. I told myself positive affirmations, believed in myself that I was deserving of a fresh start and started packing before I even knew if I got the job. It seemed like everything was right timing and turned out it was. I felt like everything I had asked for was being answered.

I didn’t have much to bring down so I packed up my car and a couple of weeks later made the trip! Excited, hopeful and eager to see where this chapter leads me in my life.


You’re probably wondering what does she do?


I am a trainee in Social Media and Marketing with head office of AFL SportsReady.


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