Adnyamathanha agree to fight back

[supplied by Vince Coulthard]


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Nearly 150 Adnyamathanha people met at Hawker SA on their country, to discuss their future.


It was agreed, enough is enough they are sick and tired of the attacks on their people from ORIC and on social media and in the press and they vowed to fight back.


This was an excellent attendance particularly given the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations and the Administrators, tried to say this was not a valid meeting and could not make any decisions.


The Registrar Selwyn Button, later said in an email “I acknowledge ATLA is an agent PBC under the Native Title legislation, and that the native title rights and interest of the Adnyamathanha people are held by the common law holders themselves and not by ATLA.”


Our people have been under attack from Mark Koolmatrie’s reform group and others and it has been relentless, Vince Coulthard said.


Mark Koolmatrie is not Adnyamathanha and we believe therefore, that has no cultural authority to speak about Adnyamathanha land or Adnyamathanha people.


In fact, the Adnyamathanha people at the meeting stated clearly that none of the reform group members, have been given any authority to speak on their behalf and should therefore cease from doing so.


Our agent Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) for Native Title has been put under Special Administration, due we believe, to these unfounded attacks and it has to stop.


We believe the Registrar’s comments about our Prescribed Body Corporate are misleading, where he stated that there is a labyrinth of companies.


Well we are here to tell you there were two companies that ATLA owned, just two! So where is the labyrinth? They say there wasn’t transparency in ATLA but where is the transparency from the Administrators?


We believe there was far more transparency before the Special Administration took control as we had excellent representation with 24 directors on the board and we had regular community meetings to get instructions from the common law holders.


We hear rumours that two of the Administrators advisory committee members have been stood down for serious misconduct, we say rumours because there is no transparency from ORIC or the Administrators.


The Special Administrators have not met with the common law holders at all in the time they have been in control of ATLA. They have our Prescribed Body Corporate in breach of the CATSI Act as they have not come back to the people, they have not held the AGM and they have not even applied for an extension not to hold it.


Our people called on to the Administrators to call the AGM immediately and come and face the common law holders, to remove themselves from the Ikara Wilpena Board and to immediately remove their two pages from the very public social media platforms.


ATLA is an agent Prescribed Body Corporate and must come back to the common law members for all important decisions that may affect our Native Title.


The reality is after 200 years of oppression our Native Title was recognised by the colonising government however, they then said we must have a Prescribed Body Corporate setup under their rules so that if we get too successful they can take total control.


The meeting elected four people to represent them and chose Vince Coulthard to lead the group and be their spokesperson.


“This was a very productive meeting, where everyone’s voice was heard, sure we have a few dissident people in the Adnyamathanha Nation but that is the same everywhere, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


“People who attended the meeting, that was chaired by two strong Adnyamathanha women, that had over 30 different families represented, said they now feel empowered and that they have a voice, even our young people said they learnt a lot at the meeting and couldn’t wait to attend the next one, which is a brilliant outcome for all Adnyamathanha,” Vince Coulthard said.


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