Christine Abdulla calls on people power to make privilege equal

[Anita Ward, ABC]

Christine Abdulla has spent her life fighting for the civil rights of First Nations People and said she felt compelled to share her personal experiences in response to recent protest action.

Charles Sturt political expert says protests are a time for education  

[by Nicole Barlow]

Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan, who is an expert in comparative Indigenous politics and public policy, explores the role of the Black Lives Matter protests and what people can do to educate themselves about the nation’s shared past.

First Aboriginal cultural sites discovered underwater 50,000 years later 

[supplied by UWA]

Australia’s first Aboriginal cultural sites that were submerged under the sea after the last ice age have been discovered by a research team including scientists from The University of Western Australia.

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Greens leader Lidia Thorpe's divisive views on constitutional recognition [Brett Lackey, Daily Mail Australia] An indigenous activist and Australia's newest senator says she will never feel part of 'Team Australia' unless the government agrees to a treaty with First Nations people.

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